” There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul

than the way in which it treats its children “

 – Nelson Mandela

Thank you to artist Ray Ferrerhttp://urbanwallart.see.me/

Thank you to artist Ray Ferrer


S.A.Y.V.  (Saving Americas Youngest Victims)

The main focus for this website is to speak for those children who can not.  It is and always will be all about the children.


Stop the Abuse

Stop the Abuse

It is true that I have a strong sense of humor and I generally tend to write light, humorous stories and Blogs.

This subject, these children,  I can not, do not and will not take lightly.

I am only adamant about a  few things in life.  NO soldier should fall with out being honored for their service to our Country and NO child should be abused.  Children should not be dying violent, tormented deaths at the hands of their protectors.

I have a voice and I choose to use it to be strong on behalf of all those who can not speak for themselves.

It is unfortunate, but I feel this has become  a necessary blog topic.

One that everyone should be made aware of.

Do not turn the other cheek, do not hide your head, do not think it does not exist in your little corner of the world.  It does.  It exist every where and we all need to act appropriately.

Get involved people, do the right thing, Save a life.



ABOUT the Author/Writer/Abuse Investigator:  Rheanna Raynes

I was born and raised in SW Colorado, the oldest and only girl in a small family of four.  My brother was sickly as a child and though he grew up to be healthy, the younger years were certainly hard on my whole family.  He was week, severely anemic, had breathing issues and was very small for a long time.  As expected, my parents worried non-stop about him.  As so often happens, my brothers condition only fueled an already burning fire under my little family.

My father was 16 and my mother barely 17 when I was born.  My father worked at a gas station at night and finished high school during the day.  My mother cleaned hotel rooms and other odd jobs.  When my father was 18 he joined the Police Department.

Needless to say, all these things on their own, can cause a family undue stress, combined, well lets just say, it made for an explosive living environment.  My father ruled the house with a firm, if not, at times, iron hand.  He had anger and attachment issues that my parents battled over constantly.  He was also, a firm believer in the scared straight plan and the power of detail.

I was raised in fear for the most part, and with full knowledge of all the horrible, tragic, disgusting things other people did, were capable of doing, or may have had happen to them.  The abuse they endured, the crimes they committed or a very descriptive explanation of an accident scene as provided to a teenager, by an experienced,  adrenalin filled , sometimes blood stained cop at 3 am in the morning.

I developed an ulcer by 13 years of age.  That same year I was held down by a large group of boys I had only minutes before called friends, while being raped by a ” school acquaintance”.  I was assaulted yet again, by a coworker and was literally a triggers pull away from committing suicide by 15,  got pregnant, married and moved out of my parents home by the ripe ole age of 17, which was no accident but a carefully laid plan.   I gave birth to a healthy baby boy two months before my 18th birthday, had another beautiful baby, a girl this time, two months before my 21st birthday and four months after my 22nd birthday I was getting divorced.    I was on my own, me and my prefect kids and although it was not easy, it was our life.

After a harsh battle from within, I learned the power of true forgiveness.  Forgiveness of those who caused me damage along the way and more importantly, I learned to forgive myself, as I was the cause of the largest source of the disappointment and pain I had held inside.  I picked myself up, put one foot in front of the other, held my head up high and began the process of healing.  Slowly, things began to blossom again.  I began to bloom into a strong, vibrant, independent woman.

I worked hard to put myself through school, worked full time, and raised my family on my own.  I took pride in making my kids ball practices and ballet residuals, even if it meant I did my homework at midnight and although it may not be right for everyone, my kids and I grew up together,  we made mistakes, tried hard to be productive in society and to live healthy, and most important we took time out to laugh.

The main thing I’d like people to know is simply, in this life’s journey, I have learned not to look back, but to keep moving forward, even if you have to crawl.  Count your blessings, particularly, at the times that they are hard to find.  Believe in yourself,  especially when you feel no one else does.  Learn the power of forgiveness, never let hate in, and lastly, find something to laugh about, even if it’s yourself.

Very Truly,

Rheanna Raynes


“Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty,

never give in except to the convictions of honor and good sense.

Never yield to force…

never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

– Winston Churchill


ABOUT the Editor/Writer/Missing Investigator:  Katt Hawkins