Amber Alert

ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Katherine Phillips – Ludington,MI


Date: 6/29/2011 13:15


Ludington Police Department is investigating an incident of an endangered missing child from 922 E. Tinkham, Ludington, MI. The child was last seen at 13:15 pm on 06/29/2011 and is believed to be in extreme danger. The Ludington Police Department says the child was allegedly abducted by Sean Michael Phillips. He was last seen at 280 W. Millerton, Scottsville, MI. Sean has been located along with the listed vehicle. The child, Katherine Phillips, is still missing at this time. If you have any information on the alleged victim, abductor, or vehicle IMMEDIATELY telephone 911 or the Mason-Oceana Dispatch at 231-869-5858.. Please Contact Mason-Oceana Dispatch at 231-869-5858




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City Ludington
State MI


Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips

Name Katherine Phillips
Hair Bald
Eyes Blue
Ethnicity White
Age 4 Month(s) old
Height 2ft 0in
Weight 12
Gender Female
Description No Information Provided
Subject Believed to be Wearing pink shorts, a matching pink tank top with black and pink flowers.


Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips

Name Sean Phillips
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Ethnicity White
Age 21 Year(s) old
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 180
Gender Male
Description No Information Provided



Suspected Vehicle

Year 0
Model Unknown
Color Silver
License State MI
License Text BUY0298
Description No Information Provided